Content-Marketing Articles


USAA Magazine (USAA)

“How I Started a Business Fueled By a Cause”

“How I Helped My Son Establish Credit”

 “4 Tips to Make Your Social Profile Employer-Friendly”

“Cashing In On Crafts”


Time Inc. Content Solutions

MyFord (Ford)

“7 Ways to Keep Your Car Chill This Summer”

“Are We There Yet? How to Keep Kids Entertained on the Road”

“Color Creatives: Ford Takes a Clever Approach to Constructing New Shades”

Key Controls: Technology to Protect Teens Behind the Wheel Provides Peace of Mind at Home

“SYNC Helps Save a Life”

Making Life Better/Operation In Touch (Unilever)

“Summer Beauty Problems Solved!”

“Five Hairstyles to Try This Spring”

Campbell Ewald

OnStar Connections (OnStar)

“16-Year-Old Hydroplanes and Crashes the Family Truck”

“His Heart Stopped While He Was Driving”


JWM Magazine (Marriott)

“The Pampered Traveler”

MyNationwide/In the Nation (Nationwide Insurance)

“When to Splurge, When to Save” (Slideshow)

“6 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home”

“Healthy Eating on the Road”

“Declutter Your Garage”

“Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning”

“How to Safely Travel with Pets This Summer”

Consumer-Publication Articles/Essays

Woman’s Day

“Ten Things Every College Kid Should Know”

“Ten Must-Have Products for College-Bound Kids”

“Get Organized — Fast — for Fall”

Consumer Reports

“Eight Ways to Protect Your Kids on Social Media”

Canadian Living

“Home Sweet Holiday”


“Still Haunted by What Could Have Happened” (Note: This is an old clip, but a personal favorite. Hey, it’s Newsweek!)